Tuesday, February 4, 2014

For the two in one project I decided to  merge a couch and a sandwich using a pencil as my medium. I chose to merge these two items because while brainstorming the image of the finished product appeared in my head and i thought it would be a cool thing to draw. i used pencil as a medium because it is one of my favorite mediums to use and i thought for this particular drawing it would look better with pencil lines than with charcoal or pen. Since starting the project some of the difficulties i have run into are getting the shape that I want onto the paper at a certain angle. Another difficulty is enlarging the image and still keeping the same image that was on my one page sketch. Some areas I am most proud of are the cheese which is representing the bottom of the couch, the toast and the curtains. I am proud of these because they came out well and in a way that I had invisioned it. If I could go back and change one thing I would change the tomato pillows. In my sketch they looked better then when I drew it larger. The angle of the second tomato also proved to be difficult and in the end I just had to go ahead and leave it as it was. I incorporated the theme two in one with the sandwich and a couch being merged together. I also ended up incorporating two in one with the rug which I had originally had planned to leave blank but ended up making it a cookie. I think my piece was successful in the different values which are shown throughout the drawing.