Art 1 Final Exam

      Working with a range of choices in each project allowed me to choose mediums i liked. I liked having the freedom to choose different ways in which to do the project as opposed to being told what to do every step of the way. The "Open Art Room" allowed me to be creative and to try new things with my art. In previous art classes they told you what the project was, and how to do it. The only wiggle room you had was the colors you used. I definitely like the "Open Art Room" better an i felt that it helped me grow as an artist with using new materials and ideas.

  The project i learned most from is the print project. When first starting i had no idea what a print was let alone how to make it. This project taught me how to make prints and it also helped me learn how to use different tools. It was cool to see the design come out on to the paper and although it didn't turn out the way i had pictured it, it still looked good and i ended up running with it and calling it a melting iPhone, Originally i had planned to write hash-tags on the inside of the iPhones but in the end it turned out better without the words in it.


    A technique that i used in my art that worked well is when i used the color pencils. Using a circular motion when coloring with them created a nice look to the Artwork. When i had first started out with color pencils i had colored up and down and then side to side creating this rough look and leaving a lot of white space. Coloring with Color pencils allowed me to get a certain effect on my Artwork that i liked. Colored Pencils is my favorite medium.


     If i had the opportunity to do a project over i would redo the sculpture project. I had originally planned to do jewelry art of The Little Mermaid but soon found that i couldn't get the detail that i had wished for so i switched fro using clay to yarn. The yarn however did not turn out how i liked it. The way in which i glued it mad making the face expressions hard and the making of the arms and clothing turned out to look like random colors sitting on top of a painted background. If i could redo this i would probably do a panel with clay. Doing a panel had actual crossed my mind but i decide to do the jewelry instead so i could have an actual mini Ariel to carry, although i would have just used it for decoration instead of wearing it.