Sunday, May 4, 2014


For this project i picked the subject what fuels me. In this i was deciding which of my favorite TV shows to do and in the end I started adding them together to see how it would look. towards the end I thought that it could use a little background so I add bow ties which are a reference to Doctor Who, as is the telephone booth which is called the TARDIS. I started of drawing the TARDIS from one of my favorite pictures of it. I then searched a picture of the Fairytail logo and drew it in a way that it looks like it is raping around the TARDIS. The shading on the side of the TARDIS was difficult for me since I am not good with shading, but people at my table helped with some suggestions on color to use and which parts to make darker. I made more progress with color pencils and coloring with them. At first when I colored it looked rough and there was a lot of white space. I learned that if you color in the opposite direction you were originally coloring it fills in the white space and if you color in small circles it makes it look smoother. 

Below are some of my earlier sketches in the planning stage.