Wednesday, May 28, 2014


When doing sculpture I had decided to do it based off of ariel. At first I was going to do it using clay and making a six panel story board put of it. Then I changed my mind and wanted to make wearable jewlery but after making the head realised I couldnt fet the detail I wanted into the clay because I would have to make the head smaller. So I switched from clay to yarn and from six panel to three. I painted the background on cardboard and then proceed to use yarn to make certain features, like ariel, stand out. When I finished the first panel I realized that I would have trouble adding the face. I ended gluing dots of yarn for eyes and using sharpie for the mouth. I had originally used yarn for the mouth but it didnt turn out well. Uaing sharpie turned out better but looking back on it I wish i could've left the characters faceless.